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My Force Free Pledge

I promise:

  1. I will explain fully what I propose to do with your dog and why, and I will invite you to ask questions.

  2. I will always do my best to be friendly and approachable so that you feel comfortable and unafraid of judgement.

  3. Your dog's physical and emotional wellbeing will be my top priority when working out any behavior modification protocol or training program for you.

  4. I will never coerce your dog into participating in any form of behavior modification.

  5. I will encourage your dog to make the choice we want using non-threatening and rewarding motivators.

  6. I will work hard to keep your dog under threshold and keep him/her as stress-free as possible.

  7. I will work hard to keep the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you as the owner, handler, and trainer of your own dog.

  8. I will treat your dog as an individual and your situation as unique - one size does not fit all.

  9. I will never do anything with your dog that I wouldn't do with my own dogs, and I will consider your dog to be as much a vital part of your family as my dogs are mine.

  10. I will never bully your dog using threatening or violent behavior.

  11. I will never put a choke, prong, or e-collar/shock collar around your dog's neck or recommend you do so.

  12. I will continue to follow up my education by attending workshops, seminars, conferences, and courses so as to add to my 'training toolbox' and bring you the very best service I can.

  13. No dog will ever be 'just a dog' to me.

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